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Solar Panel Parts

Solar panel parts consist of myriad of tools and other necessities to keep solar panels and their cells in healthy operation to allow homeowners and businesses to continuing accessing free and clean energy. Whether itís because the a solar power unit has broken down or because youíre installing a solar panel for the first time, there are many different parts to accomplish getting energy from the sun. Fortunately, these parts are very simple to use and fix as solar panels have no moving parts, no dangerous parts (chemical or otherwise), and the construction of these system is very simple.

Solar panels have four main components. The most important of these parts is the solar panel array. This device can be of almost any size, but it is generally a large flat unit that has photovoltaic cells, which respond to the sunís rays by generating electricity. Many solar cells are quite brittle, so this device should be handled with great care as it is the most expensive and delicate. There are many replacement pieces for the array and the wiring connecting the various pieces. To repair these components requires a large amount of know-how.

The electrical components attached to the array are the battery, the charging controller, and the inverter. Each of these pieces controls how electricity is dealt with after electricity is generated by the array. These devices needed to be rated for the amount of electricity produced by the array. They can be easily updated and interchanged if they do happen to break or need repair.

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